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The Psychic Seer - Tarot Information

The Tarot Deck

The Tarot Deck is used as a tool to help a Tarot Reader or Seer when reading for a client - to understand all the issues around a particular problem and gain insight into the future. Much of the information is channeled from spirit, but the tarot cards are a focal point through which to draw out the underlying issues for a questioner.

Tarot card - Priestess

Mythic Tarot Deck
by Juliet Sharman-Burke
and Liz Green

The tarot deck is made up of 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. The major arcana tarot cards are the pictures in the pack, they have significant meanings associated with them. See below for some general interpretations of each card.

The minor arcana cards are grouped into 4 suits (Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles or Coins). Each suit has an Ace to 10, plus a Page, Knight, Queen and King. The minor arcana are much like the cards of a normal playing deck of cards. However, these too have associations of meanings. Generaly the Cups represent feelings and inner emotions; the Wands are more representative of actions; the Swords are indicative of situations of conflict (sometimes inner conflict) and the Pentacles/Coins relate more to material aspects of life.

Combined the major and minor arcana make up the complete Tarot Deck. Many versions exist - the illustration is just one example (from the Mythic Deck).

When choosing a tarot deck to work with, allow your inner wisdom and intuition to guide your hand in picking the deck that will work for you. Tarot readers often have several packs and may choose one according to the client in front of them.

Tarot Spreads or Layouts

The process for doing a reading starts with the cards - these are shuffled while asking a specific question to which an answer is sought. The cards are then laid out in one of a number of different layouts or tarot spreads. The Tarot Reader then interprets the cards for the question asked. While there may be many interpretations possible from one card, the reader relies on their own inner guidance to make an interpretation.

The Celtic Cross is one of the most frequently used tarot spreads as it gives an in depth exploration of your problem or a particular aspect of your life, such as career, relationships etc.

Usually 10 cards are used and are laid out in a form of a cross shape, each card representing a particular aspect of the issue being explored. It shows, past, present, future, inner desires, goal, people around you

Final Outcome
Inner Feelings
Recent Past

Another way that the tarot is used, is for meditation. Shuffling the cards while focusing on a specific issue or question and then choosing a card from the pack. This card is then used as a focal point for meditation, using one's inner guidance to expand on what that means to you, what you should do about the issue or ways to resolve a problem.

Tarot Cards - Meanings

Fool - 0 (Major arcana)

This is the first major arcana card in the pack and has a number value of 0. It represents naivety, youthful exuberance and a tendency to rush into things. It can also indicate immaturity and lack of discipline; a result of acting on instinct without prior thought. Sometimes in life this is exctly what is needed and other times - you just jumped over a cliff with no idea where you might land!
In a reversed position, it will show childishness, rashness and possibly violent outbursts or tantrums.

Magician - 1 (Major arcana)

This card and has a number value of 1. It represents flexibility, dexterity, self-control, self-reliance and the ability to use one's capabilities to accomplish a task. It can also indicate slyness and sleight of hand.
In a reversed position, it may indicate a weakness of will or ineptitude.

High Priestess - 2 (Major arcana)

This card and has a number value of 2. It represents wisdom and sound knowledge derived from the natural order of things. Intuition, foresight and objectivity are also characteristics of the High Priestess.
In a reversed position, it will show shallowness, improper judgment and a lack of common sense.

Empress - 3 (Major arcana)

This major arcana card has a number value of 3. It represents feminine productivity, the mother, fruitfulness, accomplishment and fertility.
In a reversed position, it may indicate infertility, infidelity, inaction and delays in accomplishment.

Emperor - 4 (Major arcana)

This Emperor card and has a number value of 4. It represents worldly power, accomplishment, wealth, father, brother, husband, strength and the dominance of intelligence and reason over emotion and passion.
In a reversed position, it shows immaturity and weakness of character.

Hierophant - 5 (Major arcana)

This Hierophant has a number value of 5. It is the upholder of tradition, and has the ability to hold people together with  a common set of rules to live by. Also a representative of the old school network, institutions or instituional thinking, although the authority of the hierophant is more spiritual rather than material in nature.
In a reversed position, it may show unnecessary dogma and meaningless ritual.

The Lovers - 6 (Major arcana)

This imajor arcana card has a number value of 6. The Lovers represent love, beauty, harmony, the beginning of a romance or the struggle between sacred and profane love. It often signifies choices, particularly with regard to what is dearest to the heart.
In a reversed position it can mean separation, unreliability, frustration in love and marriage.

The Chariot - 7 (Major arcana)

The Chariot card has a number value of 7. It represents an unstoppable force for change. The new order often comes through as a result of the defeat of an adversary or upheaval in the way things were before, so it is important to make sure that you are in the driving seat of the Chariot and not in front of it as it passes through.
In a reversed position, it may show defeat rather than victory or troubles and difficulties as a result of change.

Justice - 8 (Major arcana)

The Justice card has a number value of 8. It represents the rule of reason and the vanquishing of the unjust. It is also representative of balance, restoring the correct balance of power to it's rightful order.
In a reversed position, it may simply show delay in the carriage of justice or at it's worst a miscarriage.

Hermit - 9 (Major arcana)

The Hermit has a number value of 9. This card shows that it is time to step back from a situation for quiet reflection and inner counsel. A period of solitude is needed, to recharge batteries and use a preiod of inner reflection to find answers.
In a reversed position, it indicates futility and barrenness and the inability to face up to a situation.

Wheel of Fortune - 10 (Major arcana)

The Wheel of Fortune has a number value of 10. This card represents destiny and fortune - for good or for bad depending upon nearby cards. It's representative of the throw of a dice and which is still in the air - the outcome will not be known until the dice lands. It can also be an indicator of a chance set of circumstances where the moment needs to be seized when an opportunity arises as it will typically not remain for long.
In a reverse position, it can mean bad luck or unexpected events or outside influences.

Strength - 11 (Major arcana)

This major arcana card has a number value of 11. The Strength card shows that a testing of one's bravery, strength and fortitude is called for and also that they are available in quantity. Obstacles may present themselves which need all one's resources to overcome. Both moral courage and physical health will be needed.
In a reversed position, it indicates weakness, foolhardiness or cowardice.

The Hanged Man - 12 (Major arcana)

The Hanged Man has a number value of 12. This card indicates that a sacrifice may need to be made in order to achieve one's goal. Delays will occur until the old way is abandoned.
In a reversed position, it indicates that any suspension is now self-inflicted and so any punishment and pain is of one's own doing.

Death - 13 (Major arcana)

This major arcana card has a number value of 13. Death is a card that tends to worry people when it shows up in a reading but its meaning is largely symbolic - it indicates an ending and a new beginning and transformation. Completion of a phase in your life or of project. The card can represent getting rid of deadwood or unnecessary baggage and as a result the transformation will usually be swift.
In a reversed position, the transformation is being held back..

Temperance - 14 (Major arcana)

This Temperance card has a number value of 14. It represents balance, harmony, moderation and a natural order. It signifies prudence and careful consideration. Not too much of one thing, not too much of another.
In a reversed position, it can mean miserly behaviour, carrying moderation to an extreme or conversely excess and waste.

The Devil - 15 (Major arcana)

This card has a number value of 15. The Devil indicates slavery to the senses and baser instincts. Temptation to licentious behaviour is one aspect, but it also represents karma and paying your dues for one's past actions.
In a reversed position, the influence becomes superficial, such as irresponsible pleasures or undignified behaviour.

The Tower - 16 (Major arcana)

This major arcana card has a number value of 16. The Tower also represents transformation but is more typically catastrophic - a complete breaking down of the old form. It brings destruction, disaster or at least setback. It can suggest termination such as of a relationship and is usually accompanied by emotional eruptions. A major clearing will take place as the old order is broken down and swept away.
In a reversed position, avoidance of disaster is indicated.

The Star - 17 (Major arcana)

The Star has a number value of 17. It represents hope, faith, optimism, inspiration, spiritual love and bright prospects. It is the wish card and indicates that hopes and wishes can be realised.
In the reverse position it can mean disappointment and unfulfilled hopes.

The Moon - 18 (Major arcana)

This is a major arcana card and has a number value of 18. It represents flux and change and the necessity to go with the flow of the tide and not against it. It brings hidden mysteries and transformations at work and represents the unconscious forces and feelings. Duality is also often indicated - what is apparent on the surface of an issue as well as deeper, more hidden factors.
In a reversed position, it indicates a situation out of control.

The Sun - 19 (Major arcana)

The Sun card has a number value of 19. It brings energy, inspiration and a sense of 'life is for living' and it shines with the light of reason. The Sun brings clarity to a situation as well as happiness and fruitful activity.
In a reversed position, it is a portent of weakness, wishful thinking and nostalgia for better times.

Judgment - 20 (Major arcana)

This major arcana card has a number value of 20. It represents a final decision and a final judgement - which can be a final reward or a final punishment, depending upon the surrounding cards. It is also a portent of resurrection and rebirth.
In a reversed position, it indicates delay or procrastination.

The World - 21 (Major arcana)

The World is the last major arcana card in the pack and has a number value of 21. It represents completion and final triumph, success or realization of ambitions. A time of expansion is indicated and an opportunity to extend the boundaries of experience, to travel, become worldly wise. The world is your oyster!
In a reversed position, it indicates working hard but getting nowhere.


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