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Astrology Child Chart

astrology - child guidanceAstrology uses the date, time and place of birth of the child to chart the heavens at the exact moment that they were born. Knowing this it is possible to calculate the effects that each planet would have on your child's personality.

That is the starting point or blueprint for your child's life and is called a Natal or Birth Chart.

With this 14 page report, YOU as a parent or guardian, can have the information you need to -

Guide your child in their choices.

Help them to develop their skills and talents and make the most out of their abilities.

Encourage them to overcome fears, inhibitions and negative aspects of their personality.

Coach them to be successful and achieve their life goals.

This is YOUR astrology "blueprint", to guide your child’s development with informed confidence, allow a better understanding of your child's strengths and weaknesses, their process of learning and how best YOU can guide your child in their successful growth to adulthood.

Sections covered in this 14 page report include :


Essential Character
The general trends and outstanding characteristics of your child's nature and the quality of the relationship with the father.

Emotional and Feeling Nature
hows how the more passive and sensitive side of the nature is likely to develop and the nature of the relationship with the mother.

Your child's physical nature; their general approach to the world; the way they see it; and the way they like to be seen.



FROM TODDLER TO TEENAGER - the process of development

How your child makes their prescence felt and if they are essentially active or passive. Do they like to push their way to the front or stay determinedly in the background?

Friendship & Social Attitudes
How your child will get on with others - will they be a bit of a loner, have hundreds of friends, or just a few who are useful, and so on.

The Power of the Mind
The approach your child is likely to take towards the intellectual and academic side of life and how they will respond to the rigours of education.

Looks at how your child will handle the money in their pocket or purse. Spendthrift or miser, these traits establish themselves early and tend to remain with us all our lives. 


Higher Education & Establishing Values
How your child, approaching complete independence, lays down the belief and educational framework that will sustain them through their adult life.

Approach to Daily Working Life
How your child is likely to fare in the harsh world of work. What drive, if any, they have to succeed and how they will deal with the inevitable day-to-day necessities of work.

Career & Ambitions.
Examines how your child might approach the business of how to make their mark on life. What areas might be the most productive for them as they grows older.






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